Darren Espanto Lookalike Richard Chao Took Ownership Of The Scandalous Photos!

Recently, a controversy involving the young singer, Darren Espanto made the rounds over the social media sites. It was a controversial photo which appeared as if it was the singer who is apparently making love to another man. 

They were seen together topless on the photo which was uploaded to a page named The Scourge of Tangamilyas on Facebook.

Now, the man in the photo who was said to be Darren Espanto speaks up saying that he owns these photos. 

A man named Richard Chao says that these photos were taken 6 years ago. Richard is an openly proud gay who never lied about the photos. He urged the people to not believe whoever the person behind these rumors is. 

Since the truth came out, Darren's fans said that there is no need for Darren to comment on the controversy.

Source: CoolBuster

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