DLSU Student Committed Suicide Because Of A Love Life Problem! SHOCKING!

One news from the Philippine Star got the attention of the social media users. It is the death of a student of De La Salle University (Cavite Campus). 

Based on the reports, the body of the student was found at around 7 o'clock i the morning at the back of the grandstand of their school. The identity of the student remained private as requested by his parents. The screen name of Mark was given. 

Mark was a 2nd-year student taking up a degree in Engineering. But some of his friends and classmates said that he was last seen as he attended their last subject. But after that, he decided to stay at the campus instead of going home. His friends claim that Mark was going through a difficult time with his love life that might be the reason why the student decided to end his life. 

He jumped off the 42 ft. Grandstand of the university which caused his death. A waiver was signed by the parents that says that no post-mortem examination will be done to the body of the student.

Source: Philstar

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