The Sexiest Dance Battle Of Ella Cruz And Yassi Pressman That You Shouldn't Miss!

Yassi Pressman is known as the hot star of the dance floor because of her mesmerizing skills in dancing. Many people admired her because of her grace and charisma when it comes to dancing. 

Meanwhile, Ella Cruz became an internet sensation because of her dance cover of the song, 'Twerk it Like Miley'. Since then, many people had been waiting for her dance covers over the social media sites. 

Now, they took the stage together in a dance off. The dance battle is between Yassi Pressman and Ella Cruz. It was a twerking battle as they showcased different dance routines, but to the same tune of Twerk It Like Miley. 

They gamely dance to the tune of the song. It was indeed a stunning performance.

Source: ExtremeReaders

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