A Filipina Miss Universe Was Discovered And It Is Not Pia Wurtzbach

The Philippines were glad and took pride as Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach took home the title, sash and crown of the Miss Universe 2015. 

People have witnessed her controversial win against Miss Colombia that created several issues on the social media sites. 

But according to the reports, the true Miss Universe is none other than the Filipina scientist named Reinabelle 'Reina' Reyes, who is currently working with her team to discover new things about the universe. 

Photo Credit: Inquirer

Reina has a PhD from Princeton University in Astrophysics. Before, she was a Summa Cum Laude Graduate of Physics in Ateneo De Manila University. 

Now, her aim is to discover the greater force than the gravity which is called the Dark Force. But they needed to gather evidence first. 

Because of being an excellent scientist Dr. Reina Reyes has gained the follwing awards: 

Chambliss Astronomy Student Achievement Award from the American Astronomical Society
Centennial Fellowship,
Merit Prize Fellowship Grant,
Martin Schwarschild Graduate Fellowship

But one thing is for sure, Reinabelle is also tagged as Miss Universe since her studies revolves around the universe. While Pia Wurtzbach is the Miss Universe for she have won the prestigious pageant

They can be both the Miss Universe but in different meanings, cause and purpose.

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