Friend Of Tagaytay Accident Victims Shared Her Last Moments With Friends

When the news about the six students who were caught in an accident in Tagaytay spread out over the social media sites, many people were shocked. Especially the friends and the families of the victim. 

They were supposed to have a fun night together but they did not know that it would end up that way. 

Now, one of the friends of the victims named Dianne Santiago Hingada shared several screenshots of her conversation with Jaymee Garcia.

She stated how the students were asking her out. But she hesitated and went out saying that her father was awakened. She refused to join them in the joy ride. 

Dianne also took time to thank the Lord for keeping her safe and not letting her join the group that day.

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  1. hello.. old convo nila ung dec 23 tgnan mbuti bat nmn ggwa ng kwento ang bata.