From Being A Crush They Became Friends And Ended Up Being Together.. What Will Happen Next? A Touching Love Story!

The social media has been a way for people to express their thoughts and feelings to others. There are some that used this to make up their own stories. Fictional stories that brought satisfaction towards the readers. 

A trending fictional love story captured the attention and the hearts of the netizens for a unique love story that started with text messages. 

It started off as a simple crush when Vince decided to send a message to Kath who has been his long time and ultimate crush. From then on, they became friends, had lunch together, got to know each other and eventually ended up being together. 

This story is being updated from time to time so that the viewers will see what would happen next. Many girls described the character of Vince as the perfect man who knows how to appreciate and take care of his girl. 

Read the full story here:

The continuation of the Vince and Kath's story will be uploaded as soon as we get the update.

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