Girlfriend Prepared A Wonderful Surprise For Her Long Distance Boyfriend! AMAZING!

Being in a Long Distance Relationship is one of the most challenging types of relationship. All you have is a gadget that serves as your way to communicate with your other half. Despite the fact that you wanted to be together, you can't because you are miles from each other with different time zones. 

However, a woman took the time to make her partner feel loved despite being in a LDR. The girlfriend visited her boyfriend in Canada as they celebrated the New Year together. But she knew that he will be sad when the time comes that she had to leave. 

She prepared a wonderful surprise for him. The girl knew that she would not be around during the times of happiness and sadness, but she wanted to make sure that he will be reminded of how much she loves him. 

A bunch of letters awaited the man. Each letter was especially made for a specific time and period. 

This is truly an extravagant effort.

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