He Dumped Her Because She's Fat. What She Did As A Revenge Is Indeed The Most Unbelievable!

This Chinese woman named Xiao Xiao from Zhengzhou of Henan Province in China knows what it's like to get dumped just because of her appearance. Her boyfriend dumped her because she's fat. But instead of crying, she thought of the most clever idea to get a sweet revenge for her boyfriend.

This woman underwent a liposuction, a treatment that will remove some of the fats on her body. 

Not just that, she decided to make a soap bar out of the fats that were removed from her body and sent it to her ex-boyfriend's mother.

“Yang Xiaolei, do you still remember last Spring Festival? Since [I] can’t accompany you to go home this year, I used my own fat to make a soap and give it to your mother for bathing. Spring Festival is the time to give a gift to those low-class men who judge women by appearance.” She wrote.

This should now serve as a lesson to everyone who judges a woman based on their appearance.

Source: DailyMail

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