He Gave His T-Shirt To This Homeless Man In A Subway! Faith In Humanity, Restored!

In this generation, more and more people are starting to be too selfish, they tend to care about nothing but themselves. Because of being selfish, they often forget that there are people who are more unfortunate than they are. 

Just recently, the netizens claim that the faith in humanity was once again restored after a man did something heart-melting while in a subway train.

In a subway train in New York, a man was seen sitting across a shiver homeless man who's wearing nothing but his jeans. Yes, he is indeed shivering because of the weather.

The man across the homeless man suddenly stood up and handed the homeless man his T-shirt. The homeless man was quite hesitant to accept it, and it seems that he can't wear it by himself, that's why this man helped him wear it. His kindness doesn't simply end there, after giving the homeless man his shirt, he went back to his seat to get his beanie and let the homeless man to wear it. 

The homeless was seen shocked by what's happening. People then claim that our world needs more people that are like this man.

Source: CrackerDaily

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