If Wasting Food Has Been Your Habit, You Will Surely Stop After Watching This!

If you are not experiencing hunger or have not skipped a meal due to poverty, well you are one lucky person. You might be one of the individuals who are spending their money buying foods that they could not consume then ends up wasting it.

Based on the reports that was made by the World Food Programme claims that there are more than 795 million people who are suffering from hunger and poverty to have a healthy life. Majority of these people are from Africa and Philippines. 

Because of the high prices of food in the Philipiines, many families are forced to do the inevitable and look for food in trashes coming from fastfood chains. The term for that meal is called 'pagpag'.

These leftovers are being washed, boiled and fried then mixed up with several seasonings to create a different kind of this. Some made it a business to have an income.

Despite knowing the dangers that these foods could possibly bring to them, many are still consuming it because it is better than nothing.

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