Joel Cruz's Nannies Wearing Masks Criticized By Netizens, But Why?

The photos of the recent Christening of Joel Cruz's twins, Prince Harry and Prince Harvey was released to the public. The event took place at the Santuario De San Anotonio located in Forbes Park. 

The people could not help but notice the outfits of the children, the priest, but what really caught their attention was the nannies of the kids. 

They were wearing masks as they were carrying the babies. Some people said that it makes them feel uncomfortable saying that this is somewhat a form of discrimination towards the nannies. 

However, the entrepreneur quickly gave his opinion towards the situation, saying that he is just protecting his children. He said, "For me, they are not the usual babies who were conceived through natural methods. They need extra care. They might be easily susceptible to diseases. For one year, I have to do this."

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