Kristel Fulgar's Video Singing While She Was Driving Is Completely Mesmerizing!

Kristel Aina Fulgar was seen in the kiddie gag show Going Bulilit. But since the show only depicts skits and comedies, no one ever heard how good she really sings. The 21-year old woman graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts in University of Santo Tomas. 

The latest role, that Kristel is working on now is the role of Ichu in Pangako Sa'yo. She is the friend of Angelo and Ligaya that sells fruits in the market for a living. 

Now, the actress showed her skills in singing as she recorded herself while she was driving. 

Her video quickly went viral as the people admired her amazing talent in singing. The first cover that she had was the song of Justin Bieber entitled, 'Love Yourself'. 

Then, there was another video whereas she was still driving while singing the song 'If I Ain't Got You' by Alicia Keys. She effortlessly nailed every note of each song. Talk about real talent!

The netizens claim that this is the talent that the people should appreciate. 

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