Law Graduate Claims That Atom Araullo Turned Her Into A Sapiosexual.

A Law graduate from UP has caught the netizen's attention after posting a photo of her along with the newscaster, Atom Araullo that comes with an open letter.

This woman who was identified as Liavel Badillo, claims that she was 17 years old when she realized that Atom Araullo has turned her into a sapiosexual over him.

Sapiosexual is the term used to describe a person who finds intelligence as the most sexually attractive feature in a person.

"I was totally smitten with how smart you sounded." She wrote.

She share how she actually felt when Atom passed by them while they were inside a cafe.

"Seeing you and talking to you that day at Chocolate Kiss made me realize that you are my standard. A man who is smart, talks smart, and dresses smart. Plus, our genes put together will make the best offspring in the world," she wrote. "I love youuuuuuu, Atom. I really do."

And it seems that Atom Araullo has already read the story of this young woman because he posted a Tweet saying: "Googles sapiosexual,"

Here's Liavel's open letter for Atom:

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