Lucy Torres-Gomez Got A Spot As One Of The Extremely Beautiful Politicians In The World!

Lucy Torres-Gomez was dubbed as one of the 'extremely hot and beautiful politicians' in the world. The former actress turned into politician has dominated the list of the international entertainment website by gaining a spot in their latest survey.

The Congresswoman of the Leyte had the top 8 spot on the Most Beautiful Politicians in the world according to the lists that Gabdig created. Gabdig is an Indian website that offers entertainment to the people. The article was published last November 29, 2015 and it has gone viral ever since.

The You're My Home Actor and husband of Lucy Torres, Richard Gomez grabbed a print screen of the photo in the article then teased his wife by putting a caption that says, “My honey is a hottie!!! #wowparangdalagalangangdatingnghoneykodiba”.

There is no doubt that the beauty of Lucy Torres-Gomez never fades despite verging into the world of politics.

Source: Chisms

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