Man Created A Prank To Show You How Gold-Diggers Are Supposed To Be Treated!

There is nothing wrong with looking for a partner who could support all your needs. No one wants to be with someone who could not provide for himself. However, there are individuals who were tagged as gold-diggers because the way they treat other people when they found out that they have a lot of money changes. 

A social experiment was once again created by the team of RiskyRobTV on YouTube. This time their aim is to teach a gold-digger woman a lesson. 

The man started approaching this girl while she was sitting on the streets. She seemed friendly, but she is not interested in the man. Not until his bag accidentally opened, exposing his money. 

The woman acted as if she was really interested. This is the opposite of how she treated him before seeing his cash. 

The man knew that it was not something good. The ending of this video will surely make you laugh!

Source: EliteReaders

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