This Man Planned A Surprise Proposal For His Girlfriend. Her Reaction Will Definitely Shock You!

We've seen a lot of great, unique and romantic proposals online wherein either the man or the woman sheds a tear because of the response and also because of the proposal, but then this one that you're about to watch is indeed the most unique proposal ever! 

Cameron wanted to pull off a great surprise for his girlfriend Brittany on their one year anniversary of dating, so he placed a blindfold on his girlfriend's eyes and brought her to the special place.

When the blindfold was removed, everyone shouted "surprise," and Brittany was literally clueless about what's happening.

She was more shocked when her boyfriend, Cameron suddenly knelt down and pulled out a ring. Are you wondering how Brittany reacted? Well, Brittany fell for the surprise, she literally fell onto the ground after she fainted because of her boyfriend's proposal.

“My wonderful fiance, Cameron (who also made the video, but it was filmed by Jeff), had a blindfold on me from the time we left our house until we got to a state park a few minutes away. I had no idea what was going on because it was a “surprise birthday party”, but it was actually our one year anniversary of dating. He then proposed to me and I fainted. Why? I have no idea, but I felt like an idiot. Lol” Brittany wrote on YouTube.

Source: WereBlog

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