Man Wants To 'Swap' His Girlfriend By Uploading Her Photo In An Online Buy-and-Sell Shop!

Online shops are really convenient for people who does not have time to go to the local stores and market to find the gadgets and equipment that they wanted to have. 

One of these online shops is Hachi's Buy And Sell, it is a place where the Facebook users could easily post the photos of the things that they wanted to trade or sell. 

Recently, a man named Baldo Montalbo took the shop to another level as he posted a photo of his girlfriend who was named Trisha on the online shop. 

He said that he wanted to swap his 'beloved girlfriend Trisha' for something that is better to have. He added the information that his girlfriend is 'slightly used minsan na-aabused'. Also indicated there that the issue was that his girlfriend is not a virgin anymore. 

Many people, especially women, were offended by this post. They claim that it was too inappropriate and that women should not be treated that way.

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