Mother Shows Netizens How A Small 'Button' Battery Could Kill A Child In Just Few Hours

There are a lot of toys being sold in the market that aims to give joy to the children. But most of the kids prefer to play with the toys that are battery-operated since these toys provide amazing sounds and lights. But not all people know how these toys could bring danger to their children.

A mother and a Facebook user Sheena Briones-Villanueva has a son who is 19-month-old. She wanted to experiment something for the safety of the son. She used a 'button' battery that is often used in watches and toys, she put it inside the sausage and after a few hours, the results were horrifying. 

The meat of the sausage turned black and rotten. This is what would happen if a child would consume a battery. 

A 2-year-old Brianna Florer passed away after she swallowed a button battery. She was rushed to the hospital after seeing that her skin was already turning blue and she started coughing blood. After two hours, the poison was taking over the body.

Source: Mirror

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