Pia Wurtzbach Straightly Answered Beauty Pageant Questions In Just Seconds!

On Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach's first appearance on the CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, she gamely took the time to answer the series of questions that was prepared for her. She was asked to do the best that she could within 45 seconds. 

The first question was about how she would achieve world peace. Her answer was, "By telling people that communication is the best way to achieve world peace. I think the reason why there is war is because of conflict and that's because of miscommunication."

Then, if she had one wish, her answer was contentment for everybody. 

If she were to choose to become an animal, what would she be. The reigning Miss Universe answered that he would like to be a Philippine Eagle because it is very strong. 

The viewers were impressed by the way she answered the questions. They claim that her wit comes naturally and she is really down to earth.

Source: YouTube

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