Pressing These Two Points In The Body For A Minute And The Results Will Surely Stun You!

Acupressure is a technique related to the acupuncture which is being used for more than a thousand years in China. It has been a medicinal way of curing people by promoting wellness and relaxation that could possibly treat diseases.

There are certain points that could be used in acupressure that could ease the pain from stomachaches, indigestion and heartburn. The different organs in the body is connected to the points which can send out energetic channels. 

These points could be vital but only the two points are needed to get better easily. 

Sea Of Tranquility
It can be found in the middle of the breastbone from the lower edge of the bone  measure three thumb widths upwards.

To ease away hysteria, depression, nervousness, anxiety, chest tension, emotional imbalance, throat and coughs and asthma, all you need to do is to apply pressure for more than one minute as you are doing a deep slow and even breathing. 

Third Eye
It can be located in between of the eyes on the curve where the nose meets the forehead. 

It can ease headaches, vision problems, dizziness, nasal congestion. It can also help calm the body and sleeping disorders. 
 Put the pressure at the point then close your eyes. Put your middle and index fingers for a minute by doing a deep, slow and even breathing. 

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