Recruitment Of Bashers To Spread Rumors Against Maine Mendoza Leaked Online! MUST READ!

When a person is famous, people tend to say their comments towards them. Whether it is good or bad, people just can't help themselves from giving their opinions. 

But what if they are doing these negative acts not because they wanted to, but because they needed to? 

An anonymous post on Facebook had been making rounds over the social media sites. It is a conversation of two batch mates whereas they are being hired to spread nasty rumors about the Queen of Dubsmash and Kalye Serye Sweetheart Maine Mendoza. 

As seen in these photos, they are asked to buy 3 SIM cards and create three dummy accounts on Facebook. Then, those Facebook accounts will be used to spread out the rumors about MMFF and the award for Best Supporting Actress to Maine. 

The recruiter claims that she did not deserve to win. However, there are others who say that the photos could easily be edited, especially with the advanced technology today.

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