Scientist Revealed Why You Should STOP Wearing Bras! UNBELIEVABLE!

There are several reasons why women choose to wear bras. Aside from the fact that bras could hide their nipples from being exposed, especially on thin tops, some wear it to give their breasts a lift. 

But based on the research that was made by Jean-Denis Roullion, a Sports Science Researcher, the beliefs of the women towards the benefits of wearing bras is different from the results that she had come up with over 15 years of meticulous researching. 

This man claims that wearing bras reduce the circulation of the blood over the breast. The nipples could be lifted as well if you will not be wearing your bras. 

However, there are some experts that claim that the information is still not enough thus, further research should be done. This topic changes from time to time since the types of bras are being developed for the sake of the women.

Source: CrackerDaily

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