The Truth Why Men Keeps On Telling Lies REVEALED!

They say that everything happens for a reason. People tend to do things not only for themselves but for a purpose as well. But is it sill the same thing when it comes to telling lies? 

Most women are wondering why is it that men lie. Some men tend to tell lies such as those who tell white lies to cover up.  But have you really ever wondered what is the reason why an individual tell lie?

This hilarious story would surely give you the noble reason behind the lies

It is a story of the Joel, a man who was guided by his guardian angel towards every single thing that happens to him. When the angel first guided him, Joel was awarded since he became honest with the answers that he gave to the angel. 

But during the second time Joel was asked by the man, this is the time that he needed to tell a lie. Why? The reason will make you laugh!

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