True Story Of The Tagaytay Accident Based On The Statement Of A Witness!

An unbelievable accident happened in Tagaytay which ended the lives of 6 teenagers who took the car of their guardians and decided to spend time in Tagaytay. 

According to the reports, the six people inside the car were all Grade 10 students. They had a plan to go out at night and have quality time together, but they did not know that it would be their last trip. 

Some claims that the cause was overspeeding that caused them to hit the tree, but because of the impact a wire touched the gas which led to the car burning. 

According to Den Castillo, one of the eye witnesses who did her best to try to rescue the people inside, if only the rescue team arrived sooner the kids would still be alive. 

Her full statement is here:

Condolences to their families and we pray for the souls of the victims.

Source: Den Castillo

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  1. Life is a short trip... Let us die young or let us live forever... Do you really wanna live forever or never... RIP.