Truth Behind The Story Of A Woman Who Gave Birth To Eleven Babies In One Time!

Sometime in 2012, a news about a 25-year-old woman who gave birth to 11 babies spread over the social media sites. It was said that the eleven babies started dying afterwards since the babies are weak. 

They were even called the 'Eleventh Wonder of the World'. But this is nothing but a hoax. It was just another creative post of the people who could manipulate the photos in the internet. 

Now, the truthe behind the photo is that these are the photos of real babies and real doctors, It was taken from a particular hospital named Nadkarni's 21st century Hospital and Test Tube Baby Centre in Surat. 

These babies that were lying on the table were the babies that were born on  November 11, 2011 making them babies of 11/11/11. 

They all have different mothers not just from one mother. 

Source: HoaxSlayer

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