Warzone Spotted: This Is How Philippines' New Year's Eve Looks Like!

The New Year's Eve in the Philippines is truly one of a kind. Indeed, it was a stunning event. 

A footage was taken from the top of the building to see how Metro Manila looks like on New Year's Eve. At first, you would think that this is a war zone, but if you would take a closer look it is just the whole Metro Manila welcoming the upcoming year. 

The fireworks and firecrackers kept on exploding and lighting up the skies. 

This footage was taken from the tallest building in the Metro Manila to capture the whole scene of the New Year's eve. It is indeed an amazing year. 

In some countries like the United States, unless you are a licensed technician, it is impossible for you to purchase a firecracker since it is heavily regulated. But it is not the case in the Philippines. 

Source: EliteReaders

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