What Your Bracelet Lines Tell About You! MUST READ!

Did you know that there are lines on you wrists that says something about you?

These are called the Rascette lines or the bracelet lines whereas it can be found at the bottom of the palm. Most people have three to four lines. There are several characteristics that these lines represent.

The first line in the bracelet lines is important because it represents the health of a person. If it is clear and has deep lines it means that the person is in good health. But if it unclear and shallow lines, the person is said to be indulgent and reckless. 

The second line says something about the happiness and wealth of a person. It differs if the person has a single line with gaps or straight line. 

The third talks about the name of the individual. If it has no gaps then that person is influential. 

The fourth says that the person is most likely to live up to a hundred years.

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