The Young Mother And Her Inspiration Behind The Story Of 'Kath&Vince'! MUST READ

The story of 'Kath & Vince' has been trending on social media sites for the past few weeks. It has been flooding the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter because of the excellent storyline behind it. 

'Kath & Vince' is a story of a Varsity player and a Beauty queen that met in college. It talked about the perseverance and risk-taking when it comes to love. 

But have you ever wondered who is the woman behind the trending story?

A 21-year old mother named Jenny Ruth Almocera better known as the Queen Ely always spends her time singing Mozart's lullaby to her 7-month old baby. 

She admitted that during the time that she was creating the story, her intention was only to share her thoughts. But it quickly went viral, making her double the effort to continue what she is doing. 

The inspiration of the story was her memories of the messages that her suitors once sent to her. With a mixture of imagination and true-to-life stories, the wonderful story was created.

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