10 Perfect Reasons Why People Visit The Beach Even If They Could Not Swim

In the Philippines a lot of beaches can be seen since it is an island surrounded by waters. Many Filipinos are fond of visiting the beach despite not knowing how to swim. 

When they are asked why they still want to go to the beach even though they do not have skills in swimming, they often answer one or two of the following reasons:

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why people still love to go to the beach, even if they could not swim. 

10. The noise of the waves
Sitting on the sand while watching the waves can be so relaxing plus the sounds of it as it crashes to the sand. It gives peace and serenity.

9. New companions
There are chances that people would walk up to you while you are sitting watching your friends swim and ask why you are not there. From then, you would gain friends. 

8. Drinking place
Since the  ambiance is so relaxing, drinking there is also an amazing feeling. 

7. Henna Tattoos and new hairdos
The beach is the perfect place to get cornrows and henna without being judged. 

6. Food
Different kinds of delicacies are being offered. The food is fresher than the ones served in restaurants in the city. 

5. Every Visit Has A New Thing To Offer
Different experiences are being offered when you visit the beach several times. 

4. Motivation To Get Fit
This gives the people the motivation to work out so that they could prepare for their swimwear. 

3. Sunshine and Sunsets
The view in beaches are spectacular especially the sunset. It is very breath taking. 

2. Beaches are photogenic
The wonderful view of the beach is perfect for taking photos that will serve as a remembrance. 

1. Perfect getaway
It gives the perfect feeling of being away from the busy city.

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