25 Kg Wedding Gown Of Saddam Hussein's Granddaughter Made Out Of Gold!

The granddaughter of the late dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein created a stir because of the extravagant wedding gown that she wore on her wedding day. 

The wedding of the granddaughter of Saddam happened at Amman in Jordan. The wedding gown is approximately 25 kilograms, which is made out of gold that is why it is called as the 'golden gown'

Many people were enraged because of this act. “They should have respected the people, tribe and relatives in Iraq at this critical time, when they are displaced and many are in bad conditions,” Falah Nada said who is the chief of Saddam's Nada tribe. 

“How can they publicly hold such a wedding on this magnitude when they could have helped people with that money?” he said. “They should have kept their family affairs private. How can the granddaughter of Saddam Hussein post pictures in such revealing dresses and hug the groom like that?,” he added.

Saddam Hussain's grand daughter's wedding...25 kg golden dress!! 󾮟
Posted by Pravin Krishnan on Monday, February 8, 2016
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