3-Ingredient Healthy Drink That Will Boost The Immune System And Cures Cancer, Kidney Diseases And Many More!

Consuming beetroot is recommended by nutritionists and dietitians because it has carotenoids and folic acid that is essential to the body. 

It is filled with anti-oxidants that is rich for reducing the risks in having cancer. It protects the body from having health problems and diseases which could be harmful to the body. This also slows down the process of aging of a person. 

For the creation of the beetroot juice, you will be needing the following:

1 apple

1 beetroot

2 carrots

How to make the juice:
Blend the beetroot in a blender and make sure that it will be smooth. After it is already well-blended, add the apple and the carrot juice. 

Note: Make sure that the beetroot will be chilled in the refrigerator before using it. Make sure that it is fresh and consume it before breakfast.

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