6 Symptoms Of Heart Attack That You Should Never Ignore! It Happens A Month Before!

Heart attack is considered as one of the leading causes of death around the world especially in America. The percentage of the deaths of the people who died from heart attack is 25%. This is the result of having high cholesterol, high blood pressure and smoking. 

Here are the signs and symptoms that you should never ignore because it might lead you to heart attacks. 

1. Chest Discomfort
-If you are having difficulty in your chest area such as having a burning sensation or pinching, contact the doctor immediately. It usually occurs when you are doing a physical activity or even if you are resting. 

2. Tiring Feeling
-Sudden fatigue or loss of energy could be a sign that a heart attack may come along the way. If you feel that doing a simple thing easily drains out your energy you might want to take multiple naps everyday. 

3. Never Ending Cold Symptoms
-Having a cold that would never go away despite taking medicines. There is a problem with the blood. There might be a leak back into the lungs. 

4. Swelling
-If the body is already having difficulties pumping the blood to the body, you will start to feel bloated. It usually occurs in the ankles, legs and feet.

5. Dizziness
- Because there is a restriction with the blood supply to the body, the brain does not get the amount of oxygen needed for it to function well. You will feel light-headed or dizzy. 

6. Shortness of Breath
-As the heart becomes weak, so as the lungs for they work in pairs. If one does not function well the other will do to. 

It is always important to have these signs checked right away.

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