Watch: Easily Open A Locked Car Door From The Outside In Seconds With The Use Of A Shoelace! Amazing!

If you are a car owner, one of the most terrifying accidents that could ever happen to them is when they realize that the keys are left inside the car and that you have already locked the doors

This could immediately ruin the day of someone. They will try to look for a spare key or a locksmith by luck but if not, you might want to try this amazing life hack that was discovered by a man.

You could easily save time and effort from smashing the window of your car by simply learning to unlock the car with a string or a shoelace

Here is what you need to do. Tie a loop in the middle of the shoelace and make it fit in the gaps of the door until it reaches inside. Once you already have it in, make sure that the loop would hit the lock of the door then pull it upwards. 

But of course, this is not advisable if you are not the owner of the car.

Source: SizzlingFeed

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