Ira Panganiban Defends Manny Pacquiao From The LGBT Community!

The controversial footage of Manny Pacquiao about the same s*x marriage seems to be a never ending issue in various social media sites.
An Open Letter That Defends Manny From The LGBT Community!

What's making the issue even worse is that the supporters of Manny Pacquiao and the supporters of the LGBT community are exchanging issues and opinions.

We can still recall that Manny Pacquiao's remarks about the same s*x marriage truly made the celebrities, Vice Ganda and Boy Abunda, furious. Both personalities were mad to the point that they've given opinions using a different media, internet and television.

And now, the former reporter of ABS-CBN and the current Editor-in-Chief of Wheels Philippine Magazine has written an open letter regarding the issue:

Read the full letter here:

Dear LGBT Community,

Yes I understand your concern. And yes it was a bit of insensitive of Manny Pacquiao to have said what he said about gays being worse than animals.
But see, he was asked his opinion on public television. It's not as if Pacquiao was walking around preaching and telling people how to act and what to do. Manny has never been the kind to dictate to people how to be.
Let's put things into perspective before you hang the dude. Perez Hilton, a USA based blogger asked Pacquiao what his stand on same s*x marriage was. Pacquiao gave his opinion.
Yes it may have hurt, but it was his opinion. When people called him names and accused him bad things, no one heard Pacquiao cry foul. He took it like the man that he was and moved on to be a world champion .
When the same members of the gay community made fun of him and his mother, Pacquiao took it all in stride. When people blast him for his intelligence, the champ did not get mad, when they called him idiot, he just went and won championships.
Now that the gay community gets in the receiving end, they cry like little babies condemning him to high heavens. Guess what the definition of "Bigot" is? Here, let me tell you, "bigot - a person who has no tolerance for the belief and opinion of others and forces their own opinion on others."
Now, who is the bigot? Who cannot take the opinion of others and forces their belief on him? Take a wild guess.

Bestest to all,
Not A Gay Hater Me

Yes, this man decided to defend Manny Pacquiao because he believes that he didn't do anything aside from giving his opinion!

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