An Open Letter To Manny Pacquiao Saying, 'Look At Your Morality First Before Judging Others!'

Manny Pacquiao was looked up to because of the pride that he brought towards the Filipino people when he fought in the boxing ring to bring victory to the country. 

He then decided to venture into the line of politics, which had him elected as the Sarangani Representative. Now, he is aiming to be elected as a Senator of the Philippines. 

But when his interview with Bilang Pilipino came out to the public, many people were furious because of his insight about the same gender relationship. 

What he used as an example, are animals claiming that people who are into same gender relationship is worse than animals. 

Now, an open letter was addressed to him, which is written and posted by an enraged citizen named Myke Abaya Sotero

He made several points on how Manny along with his Mother Dionisia Pacquiao had violated the rules of the Bible as well. When Manny Pacquiao was said to have mistresses and his mother Dionisia broke up with his father and dated a man who is young enough to be Manny's brother. 

He claims that before he starts judging other people, he should look at his sense of morality. 

Myke even said that the people in the LGBT community are a part of the society that he wanted to rule. They are also relevant like the straight people. He made a point that, their sexuality does not make them lesser of a human being.

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