BREAKING NEWS: Woman Gives Birth To An Odd-Looking Snake-like Creature In Cotabato!

A woman from Koronadal City in South Cotabato gave birth to a snake. Based on the report that was made by Bombo Radyo Koronadal, the 37-year-old woman and her family is still puzzled with the mysterious thing that happened to her. 

At first she started feeling sick as if she was about to vomit everytime. She lost her appetite which made her body weak. The woman was experiencing severe pain in her body. 

Even her husband was in doubt because when he got home last January 5, the woman was already pregnant

The family brought her to the doctors who claim that she needed to undergo several procedures but they could not confirm what is inside her. 

Until one day, a witch doctor advised them to remove what was inside her. 

A midwife forced her to give birth and undergo labor. To their surprise, a creature that looks like a snake with a teeth of piranha came out of her. 

Her mother quickly stabbed the creature and burned it.

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