Computer Addict Found 'Brain-Dead' After Playing An Online Game For Several Hours!

After long hours of playing computer games, this man was found 'brain-dead' and suddenly lost his consciousness as he was still sitting in front of the computer which he rented. 

This Chinese gamer was said to have been in the cafe for quite some time and he did not eat or drink anything. He kept on playing in front of the computer which is not good for the body. 

The whole incident was captured on the CCTV of the cafe where the man was playing. It can be seen that the man suddenly froze in the chair and lost his consciousness. 

Other players in the shop didn't notice him at first, not until one of his friends came near him because he had not been moving for  a long time. 

The rescuers were immediately called to the scene to try to revive the man. But until now, there is no confirmation whether the man is dead or alive. 

This should be a warning to all the computer addicts out there to never forget to eat or drink something and prevent yourself from staying in front of the computer too long.

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