CONTROVERSIAL: Boy Abunda Gets Back To Manny Pacquiao Because Of The Animal Issue!

A furious Boy Abunda was seen on his late night show Tonight With Boy Abunda. He answered the statement that Manny Pacquiao gave when he compared the people inside a same-s*x marriage is 'worse than animals'.

Boy Abunda is the most renowned gay television host who is in a relationship with his partner for more than three years.

He made a focal point that he used to have respect for Manny Pacquiao and his stand on the issue of same-gender marriage but Boy was really hurt of the message that Manny Pacquiao gave.

Boy Abunda compared the struggle of the people in the LGBT community to the efforts of the American people for the civil rights movement as well as the struggle of many women to have an equal right.

He then quoted the insights of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Francis Obama towards the members and rights of LGBTs.

You do not own my humanity, Boy Abunda tells Pacquiao
Posted by Trending Zone on Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Source: ABS-CBN

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