Controversial Video: Vice Ganda Insulting Manny Pacquiao Mother Goes Viral!

In line with the controversy that involved the 'Boxing Champ' Manny Pacquiao, many people were outraged by the message that he said towards the people engaged in a same-sex relationship. 

Many personalities including Vice Ganda was offended when he said that they are worse than animals because of what they are doing. 

Vice immediately gave out his opinion towards the incident. But now, the netizens could not accept the words that Vice said to Manny Pacquiao. 

They claim that he has no right to say all those words, especially that he was also someone who used to insult other people in order to draw laughter because of his job as a stand-up comedian.

In this video, he gave several blows towards the mother of Pacman, Mommy Dionisia

However, there are some people who defended him, saying that he is just a human who makes mistakes.

Source: EvenDemata

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  1. in my point of view.. let us not the bible in any arguments as how it is emphasized... Manny deliver that statement very sarcastic and hurting... If he wants to stand on it the words masahol is not appropriate...look talking about masahol looking back in his younger years inabandona sila ng kanyang ama at ginawa niya ang sobrang trabaho at hirap with all his siblings, now with respect to is father di ba mas masahol pa sa hayop ang kanyang ginawa, nag asawa ng iba.... he became so rich and his mother is now having an affair...o di ba malaking kasalanan yan, and to think he is now a pastor it is his prime responsibility to correct.....i am not judging just voicing out my opinion with his irresponsible judgment and statement remember GOD IS JUST AND FAIR.