Cop Sent A Diver Down To The Bottom Of The Lake At Night, What They Found Was Terrifying!

The vast bodies of water carry out interesting stories which people are unaware of. It is filled with things and stuff that only the brave divers could discover. 

There are some people who have a fear of going down in the deep waters to discover these things. One diver particularly was instructed by the cops to explore the waters at night. But what he found out was unexpected. 

"Only got time for one last dive." This is what the police officer was saying to the diver as he plunges into the water at night. 

The diver went down and started looking for what he could see. The first thing that he found was a bicycle. Followed by a cinder block that has a chain tied to it. 

Then he found a shackles at the end of the chain that was tied to the cinder blocks, indicating that someone must have been tied there. 

As he stayed longer in the water, the things that he sees are getting frightening. He saw a stroller with chains as well. 

What happened next was very unexpected!

Source: Diply

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