Truth Revealed Erwin Tulfo's Offensive Statement Towards The People Condemning Manny Pacquiao Goes Viral!

Another issue has come up and it includes the tough Erwin Tulfo. This is once again a part of the never ending controversy regarding the statement that Manny Pacquiao said to those people who are involved with the acts of same-s*x . He referred to them as 'worse than animals'.

Because of that issue, many people expressed their own opinions. Some agreed while some disagreed.

Now, Erwin Tulfo has a message towards the people who are insulting and giving hits to the boxer-turned-politician who have brought pride to the country. 

The message states that the people does not know how to give importance to the people who gave pride to the country and made the Filipinos proud. 

Though he has a strong point, many people criticized him from giving that statement saying that he does not need to curse other people and compare the rights of the LGBT to the pride that Manny gave. 

But there are some that defended him saying that he is just the usual Erwin Tulfo.

As of writing, there is still no confirmation whether this quote really came from the well-known host. But this came from the official page that was after his name KUYA Erwin Tulfo.

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