Ex-Boyfriend Asks For Closure From His Ex-Girlfriend Who Is Now Pregnant With Her New Boyfriend!

Relationships end because of several reasons. Some had lost the love that they once felt towards each other. Many are doing wrong decisions of cheating on their partners which make them lose each other. 

It is easier to say hello to someone than to say goodbye to a person whom you fell in love with. Many people are now using the social media sites to end their relationship without even getting the chance to have a final closure in person. 

Just like this long message that this man created to ask for the 'final talk' or closure from his ex-girlfriend who is now pregnant with her current boyfriend. 

This boy claims that it has been 1 year and 2 months since they ended their relationship but somehow the pain is still there. The only thing that he is asking for is for the girl to say it in person that she does not love him anymore. He thinks that those words would free him from the love that he still feels for her. 

Many people praised him for admitting that he is still in love with her and that he wants to have closure. But not all people are happy with what he did, one of his friend who is also the friend of the ex-girlfriend said that he was physically abusing the woman before that is why their relationship ended. The person said that this issue would not be good for the woman in her case.

Source: ViralDrift

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