Fastfood Crew Sits In Front Of Their Store, Then She Suddenly Did This! Unbelievable!

Being a service crew is a tough job. You have to deal with the different attitudes of the customer with a smile even if sometimes they could be quite annoying. 

They have to extend their patience for the customer to give them an excellent service. But behind every service crew lies a different kind of story. They have experienced so many things in their life that can serve as an inspiration to others. 

Meanwhile, there are some who has hidden talents. Just like this woman who used her singing talent to entertain the customers and the people who are passing by. 

Her excellent skills in singing brought joy to the people. She was still wearing her Jollibee uniform as she was singing in front of the Jollibee branch. The managers and the other crews were even seen cheering for this talented young woman. 

It is great to see that they are using their talents to make other people happy?

Posted by Nathan Black on Monday, February 8, 2016
Source: Facebook

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