First Ever Filipino Inventor Turns Plastic Garbages Into Gasoline! MUST WATCH!

There is a huge problem when it comes to the garbage and plastics that are being used by Filipinos. With the huge load of trash, the government has been implementing laws that prohibit the citizen to use plastics. 

But now, a Filipino inventor named Jayme Navarro has found a way to turn these plastics into fuel such as Gasoline, Kerosene and Diesel

The process that he used is called as 'Pyrolysis'. It converts the non-biodegradable and non-recyclable plastics into fuel. 

The company of Poly-Green Technology and Resources is the company that is capable of turning the plastic into fuel. This is 5 pesos cheaper than the fuel being imported. 

The Navarro family already has a patent form the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines for their unique invention.

Garbage Problem? SOLVED!
Garbage Problem? SOLVED!Filipino Inventor converts used plastic into diesel, kerosene & gasoline...
Posted by I'm So Blessed Daily on Tuesday, October 20, 2015
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