Former Miss France Tries Dancing on the Pole For The First Time, Then Something Terrible Wrong Happened!

Dancing on the pole is getting popular now. This performance art is hard to master. Many people wanted to try this out but not all people are blessed with the talent needed to perform this kind of dance.

Dancing on the pole started in several places where men are often seen. Grace is combined with talent in acrobatics and makes use of a single pole.

It can be tricky at times. Just like what happened to Laury Thileman who won the national pageant of France back in 2011. She won the country's national pageant last 2011. She also belongs to the world's top beauties.

She decided to try dancing on the pole on a television show. The results were unbelievable as she fell down the pole head first. The other hosts immediately came to the rescue and made sure that she is alright.

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