Galawang Breezy And Galawang Hokage Moves Are A Form Of Harassment And It Should Be Stopped! Why? Find Out Here!

'Galawang Breezy' or 'Galawang Hokage' are the terms used for the people who can make moves smoothly. It often includes two people of the opposite gender. One is the brain behind the prank which is amusing for other people but for others, it is an act that violates their rights. 

It first started when several videos of cute couple wanting to act sweet and romantic in front of the camera created these things. Sometimes it is scripted but sometimes it is not. 

It became of the most popular pranks that an individual could simply do to another person, some claims that it is a form of harassment that can be punishable by law. 

Based on the reactions of the women in the video, most of them are shocked of what happened. 

Here is the scenario of the 'Breezy boys'. They would look for a woman who is usually walking alone. They would set up their camera looking for the perfect timing which can be said as stalking. Then they would hold her hand without even asking for permission which is said to be an act of lasciviousness. 

Based on the Republic Act. No. 9262 or the "Anti-Violence Against Women And Their Children Act of 2004", on the 3rd section of the provision, acts of lasciviousness is said to be a sexual violence whil stalking is considered as a violence of the psychological mind. It will be worse especially that many people found the videos amusing. 

However, many lawyers are not sure how the law would be applied to these circumstances especially that the women felt violated. Women are not supposed to be used as tools of amusement.

Watch some Hokage video here:

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