Gorgeous Girl Threatens To Commit Suicide If She Will Not Have A Date On Valentine's Day!

The teens and kids of this generation are getting out of hand. They are too desperate to look for love at an early age. With the fast evolution of technology, these kids are easily getting access to the things that they are not supposed to know at their age. 

Some are even using the social media sites to look for love and attention from other people. Now that the love month has begun, many are doing their best to 'fit in' and 'feel loved'. 

One woman in particular used her Facebook account to post her sentiments about not having a date on Valentine's day. But this was not all, she claims that if she would not have a date, she will commit suicide. 

The unidentified woman was criticized by the people who have seen her post saying that she was just doing this to get attention. Meanwhile, others are doing their best to calm her down, saying that it is not worth it.
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