Irma Adlawan And Her Son Were Injured After Fighting With The Robber!

The actress Irma Adlawan and her 16-year-old son were left injured after they fought the man who tried to rob in their house in Cavite, on Friday.

According to the reports, it was 11:00pm when Irma's son saw the suspect inside their house. The man's face was covered and he's pointing a knife to Irma's son.

"But my instincts were they're in the room what could he have done if I left there and called out for help,"  "So what I wanted to do was stop him right then and there." Irma's son said.

Instead of letting the fear to take over his body, the son of Irma held the hand of the suspect until he cornered him with a headlock.

"What the man told him was 'wag kang magsasalita wag kang maingay and he was pointing that big knife at him. Sabi lang niya, 'no, he's not going to allow him to hurt anyone in this house," Irma stated.

She was in tears as she narrated what happened.

"And I am just very thankful that nothing happened to him because I don't know what's gonna happen to me if something happens to him," She added.

The suspects who tried to rob the house were arrested and are facing lots of charges.

Source: GMA

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