It Was Supposed To Be A Romantic Proposal, When She Suddenly Did THIS! Shocking!

There had been a lot of viral proposals online that really made us giggle. The proposals online showed how much effort guys exerted just to surprise their partner and to make them happy. But then aside from those giggling proposals, there are also failed proposals online.

Here's one of the failed proposals. The guy did his best, he exerted all of his effort, he talked to the friends of the girl to make his plans work, but then in the end, the woman told him how much she likes him, but then she stated that she doesn't want to be with a smoker.

It turns out that this man who was identified as Dave is already a chain smoker at the age of 20 and is consuming 3 packs of cigarette a week. 

A lot of people quickly reacted in this viral video. Some claim that the girl's reason was somehow invalid.

However, it was then revealed by the CBA Dean, Sonny Brozas that this video was actually an entry in the Guerrilla Marketing Competition that was held at the College of Business and Accountancy in Our Lady of Fatima University, Quezon City Campus in connection with their "NO SMOKING CAMPAIGN."

Source: ViralDrift

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