Jeepney Driver Spreads The Word Of The Lord Towards His Passengers

An amazing Jeepney driver caught the attention of the netizens because of the word of the Lord that he is sending out to his passengers. 

When you stumble upon this jeepney, at first you would think that the driver is just another driver who talks a lot so that his passengers would be entertained. 

But this 35-year-old man named Marcelito de Mesa has his own way of preaching to the passengers. All throughout the ride, he would proclaim the words from the Bible. This man from Muntinlupa even points out how ignorant kids are nowadays when it comes to the Bible. They do not read it anymore. 

So he had the idea to send out the words in his own way. He even has a game for the passengers. Marcelito asks questions about the Bible and if they got the correct answer then their fare would be returned.

It is amazing how people like this still exists. 

Meet Marcelito de Mesa, 35 year old jeepney driver/preacher from Muntinlupa. He teaches bible scriptures and asks bible related questions while plying his route. Whoever answers correctly gets a free jeepney ride! Watch how he does it! Truly inspiring! Crisanta G. Zambrano
Posted by Mark Zambrano on Friday, February 5, 2016
Source: Mark Zambrano

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